PrepMate MultiStation

PrepMate MultiStation

By your side until the job is done.

Get it done faster with PrepMate.
The extra space you need to get
more prep done.

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PrepMate MultiStation

PrepMate is a multifunctional workstation designed around the operator to eliminate space constraints and increase overall productivity. Chop, slide, clean, store or serve in a smaller footprint. Tall or short, you can get comfortable and be more productive because Prepmate comes standard with 5 height adjustments. Prepmate is efficiently sized & accessorized to maximize space and allow for a streamlined process and workflow.

Let PrepMate transform the way you work.

Prepare raw meats like chicken, pork, beef or seafood. Create an efficient versatile workspace using standard steam table and food pans.

From farm to table, chop, dice & slice through vegetables with the highest efficiency. Utilize the PrepMate rail system with stock below on one side and push prepped food directly into waiting pans on the other.

The PrepMate Mulit-Rail is designed to hold a standard 18”x24” cutting board above standard food/steam table pans. This patent pending design increases work surface capacity by providing a easily accessible level of storage below the work surface in a compact footprint.  It increases productivity by allowing product to be prepared and pushed into pans without the waste of time and motion to pick-up and place prepared food into pans and reduces the scrap associated with that extra activity.

Multi-Height: Capable of 5 work surface heights (35-1/8" — 39-1/8"). Perfect for multiple employee heights and tasks.

NEW QwikSet Easy Height Adjustment: The ultimate work surface adjustment feature. Just depress the orange tab to raise or lower the work surface height for your ideal ergonomic prep position.

Mobile: Tasks can be done in multiple locations and can save time and labor.

Stable: Four Total Lock casters provide a stable work surface. Both the caster wheel and the hub lock.

Easy to Clean: Wipe down and able to be taken apart without tools for sanitation.

Construction: Based on Metro Super Erecta commercial grade shelving systems with 1" shelf adjustability, 800lb shelf load capacity, and unlimited configurations.

Sizes: PrepMate is available in 18"x24", 18"x30", 18"x36", & 18"x48" sizes.

Choose from one of seven pre-configured models based on the needs of your application.
Construction options include:
- Solid Stainless Steel Shelves
- Solid Galvanized Steel Shelves
- Super Erecta Pro Hybrid Removable Mat Shelves
- MetroSeal 3 Epoxy Coated Wire Shelves
- Brite Zinc Wire Shelves