PrepMate™ MultiStation

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PrepMate is a multifunctional workstation designed around the operator to eliminate space constraints and increase overall productivity. Chop, slide, clean, store or serve in a smaller footprint. Prepmate is efficiently sized & accessorized to maximize space and allow for a streamlined process and workflow.

Multi-Functional: Perform a multitude of tasks in a space saving foot print with a patent pending multi-level work surface design that will make your tasks execute faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

• Multi-Level: The PrepMate™ Multi-Rail maximizes your workspace by holding work surfaces above your containers, creating a dynamic system for preparation that will increase your productivity by up to 20%*

• Multi-Height: Every PrepMate™ MultiStation is capable of 5 work surface heights (351/8" – 391/8") allowing the work station to be set-up for multiple employee heights and tasks.

• Mobile: When space is at a premium, mobility allows for tasks to be done in multiple locations and can save time and labor transporting product.

• Stable: Four Total Lock casters provide a stable work surface by locking both the caster wheel and the hub for maximum stability.

• Flexible: The PrepMate™ Multi-Rail holds standard 18” Cutting Boards** and Food Pans allowing for fast set-up, execution, clean-up, and change-over.

• Task Specific: Configurable to a multitude of tasks with labor & space saving accessories.

• Easy to Clean: Wipe down and able to be taken apart without tools for sanitation.

• Construction: Based on Metro Super Erecta® commercial grade shelving systems with 1" shelf adjustability, 800lb shelf load capacity, and unlimited configurations.

• Space Saving Design: PrepMate is available in 18"x24", 18"x30", 18"x36", & 18"x48" sizes to fit in the most space constrained environments.

• Application Based: Choose from one of seven pre-configured models based on the needs of your application. Construction options include:

- Solid Stainless Steel Shelves

- Solid Galvanized Steel Shelves

- Super Erecta Pro® Hybrid Removable Mat Shelves

- MetroSeal® 3 Epoxy Coated Wire Shelves

- Brite® Zinc Wire Shelves