Drop Mat Shelving

Increases unit capacity vs traditional gondolas

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The Metro Space Advantage...Drop Mat Display System

Metro's Drop Mat design can increase your merchandising space by up to 30%!

Thinner shelf...  A drop Mat shelf is 1/4" thick, while a gondola shelf is typically 1-1/2", thus Metro Drop Mat shelving saves over 1" of vertical space per shelf level!

Smaller footprint means greater merchandising space per square foot of floor space!!

Because sheet metal gondola systems must rely on an upright standard for structural support, an aisle of gondola shelving with 18" (455mm) shelves can have a total width dimension of 40" (1016mm)

An aisle of Super Erecta or qwikSLOT Shelving with 18" (455mm) wide shelves oriented back-to-back has a total width dimension of 36" (910mm). For each aisle that Super Erecta or qwikSLOT Shelving is used, 4" (100mm) (10%) of floor space is typically saved for other productive uses.