Plastic Dunnage Rack

Corrosion proof

heavy duty

bulk storage

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Metro Bow-Tie™ Dunnage Racks … corrosion proof bulk storage with the  distinctive bow tie connector.   Joined units  provide a sturdier base  than conventional dunnage racks.

•Perfect for storing items off the floor
•Patented "Bow-Tie" connector allows units to be linked together.  Linked units distribute impact from loading heavy objects creating a more rigid base than conventional dunnage racks.
•Available standard or with Microban antimicrobial product protection to protect from bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi that cause odors, stains and product degradation
•Polymer rack guaranteed not to rust.
•Racks measure 12” (305mm) high and 22" (559mm) wide
•Heavy-duty construction for bulk loads

30 and 36” (760 and 910mm) lengths hold up to 1500lbs. (683kg)


48 and 60” (1219 and 1524mm) lengths hold up to 3000lbs. (1365kg)