Heavy-Duty Dunnage Rack

Off-the-floor efficiency

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HD Super Duty

Super Erecta Dunnage Racks are space-saving platforms which let you keep bulky items off the floor.


•Space Saving: Metro® platforms let you store bulky items off the floor in less space than if regular shelving were used.
•Heavy duty tubular construction is designed to withstand impact and hold heavy loads.

     Racks up to and including 36” (914mm) length:   1600lbs. (725kg) unit capacity

     Racks 48” (1219mm) long:   1300lbs. (590kg) unit capacity

•Sturdy: Super Erecta Shelf® posts and shelves mean fast, easy assembly and secure locking.


•Select sizes available in three materials/finishes:   Chrome-plated, Metroseal 3 epoxy with Microban product protection, and Type 304 Stainless Steel.