Banquet Service Cart

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• Rugged Construction: All welded, 16-gauge, 300 Series, stainless steel unitized construction, with 2" (51mm) hemmed edges.
• Control: Three-Point-Control Handle is designed with the user in mind. Ergonomically designed for pushing and pulling from both the side and the front. Optional Swing-up handle provides additional control and visibility when moving
the cart.
• Flexible: Available in 5- and 6-shelf configurations with either flat or ledged shelves.
• Accessible: 91/2" (241mm) and 121/4" (311mm) shelf spacing provides maximum access and storage on shelves.
• Maneuverability: Large heavy-duty 8" (203mm) diameter casters for optimal handling when pushing, pulling, and crossing thresholds.
• Versatile: Can be used for banquet service, bussing, general back-of-the-house transportation, and mobile storage.
• Durable: Wraparound bumper is non-marking and will protect the