Meet Team Metro - Sandy Babcock

Name:  Sandy Babcock

Title: Project Coordinator, for the Fixtures Line

Number of Years with Metro: 21 years

Describe your role at Metro. Design, Quote, Review orders, anything Fixtures related.

What do you like best about working at Metro? The People, I’ve made some wonderful true friends here!

What part of your job to do take the most pride in? Designing a Hospital Pharmacy with the Sales Reps.

What does “Think Customer” mean to you? In the Fixtures world, you have to listen to the customer’s needs and wants when designing a Pharmacy. So I feel that “Think Customer” is listen to them and get a great first impressionable Design and Quote to them quickly!

Give an example of going above and beyond for a customer: Like above, I go above and beyond on all my projects!!

What is your favorite Metro product and why? Fixtures of course! I enjoy the Wire Shelves for storage at home.

What is your favorite movie?  Any Molly Ringwald Movie… Too many to list.

What is your favorite meal? Steak and potatoes.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Stay in Trouble!! My Dad always said that. He wanted me to live life to the fullest!  

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