Introducing qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System

I am pleased to introduce the all new qwikSIGHT basket supply system.  The NEW qwikSIGHT system is a cantilever storage solution that keeps supplies in sight making them quicker to find, access, retrieve and restock. Much like our wire shelving, the basket’s open wire design provides better light penetration and prevents dust accumulation. 

What separates qwikSIGHT from the competition is found in its design.  From speaking with customers and reviewing what is available in the market, there were three needs not being addressed:

Durability – The qwikSIGHT system provides a rugged design that will keep a rigid and stable structure during use. There are two crossbars on the vertical section of the uprights, and one or two (single or double sided) crossbars on the lower horizontal section of the upright.  The combination of fastening style and number/location of those bars provides a superior structure over what else is available on the market.

Protection – The qwikSIGHT baskets are designed to have the wire mesh ends located on the outside of the basket.  This results in users as well as supplies being shielded from the wire ends.  In addition, they are coated in a thick layer of epoxy that dulls those ends to add a second level of protection. 

Efficiency – The qwikSIGHT mobile units are offered with the industry standard caster extension bars, or a more space-efficient direct mount solution.  Since these units are designed for stationary storage with limited mobility, mounting the casters directly to the unit can save up to 243 sq. in. of storage space per single sided unit.

The qwikSIGHT system consists of free standing, single or double sided units in mobile or stationary, as well as wall panels to mount baskets to the wall.  The system is complete with dividers and label holders to complete any storage solution need.

This product is one of several new products Metro has launched recently and like the others, qwikSIGHT reinforces our position as a market leading company that continually brings new and innovative solutions to the markets we serve.

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