Metro Max 4

Forever Value

MetroMax 4

Protect surfaces with unrivaled value.


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Proven Performance.
Unrivaled Value.

Lower cost of ownership than wire shelving = Greater return on your investment.
The most affordable investment for this level of performance . . . ever!

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Smooth Protective Services.

• Molded shelf design with smooth edges protects fragile items and packaging from incidental rips and tears.


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• Lift-off open grid and solid polymer shelf mats clean easily by hand or in a commercial washer in a fraction of the time of wire shelving.

• Shelf mats and frames have built-in Microban® product protection keeping it "cleaner between routine cleanings".

• Smooth surfaces easily wipe clean.


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Long Life.

• All polymer construction is corrosion proof and impact resistant to last a lifetime.

• Proven Metro corner and frame design delivers stability across stationary, mobile, and high density track shelving - simple and reliable!

• Built to handle what you store the most; holds up to 800 lbs. (363kg) per shelf, on a 48"  (1219mm) length shelf — 2000 lbs. (907kg) per stationary unit—that’s a lot of stuff!


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Efficiency...a Metro Standard

• MetroMax 4 safely holds and organizes supplies with shelves that adjust on 1" (25mm) increments.

• As part of the MetroMax family of products, shelves are interchangeable with MetroMax i shelves on the same units.


*Microban® antimicrobial product protection does not by itself protect a user from food borne illness. As part of a routine cleaning process it will keep the shelving “cleaner between cleanings.”