MetroMax Drying Rack

Metro® drying solutions put your customer & your employee safety first.

Eliminate wet nesting and minimize wet, slippery floors with MetroMax Drying Racks. Designed to promote food safety, the open-air design maximizes airflow for faster, safer drying while the smart new water capture system minimizes wet dangerous, slippery floors.


Key Benefits

  • Promotes food safety by preventing wet nesting, where two wet/damp items are nested together preventing proper airflow.
  • Superior air circulation: Fast drying of trays, cutting boards, pans, lids, pots and all sink items.
  • Drip Tray minimizes wet floors by collecting dripping water and funneling it to a removable full size steam pan.
  • "Hold strong" slots: Tray and Pan Racks have tall slots to assure trays, cutting boards, steam pans, and other tall items don't tip over.
  • Easy to Move with swivel polymer casters.
  • Easy to Clean: Shelf mats, posts and epoxy coated drying racks have built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection. It keeps the product "cleaner between cleanings"
  • Superior Organization: Optional hanging rails and grids help sort and dry utensils and other vessels with long handles.
  • NSF Listed



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Bacteria build-up between nested items can degrade food quality during preparation & storage. Proper air circulation helps prevent bacteria growth.

Learn more about Wet Nesting >>>


Wet, dangerous floors in a dish room can be hazardous to kitchen employees. Our Advanced Water Capture System minimizes the effect from dripping pots, pans & trays by containing and funneling water into an easyto-empty standard steam pan. Only available on MetroMax i.

MetroMax i Drying Rack Spec Sheet >>>

Pre-configured units available.

  • MetroMax iw/Advanced Water Capture
    Bulk, Pan & Tray Drying
  • MetroMax iw/Advanced Water Capture
    Tray Drying
  • MetroMax iw/Advanced Water Capture
    Tray & Pan Drying

Basic MetroMax 4 models also available.


Or, customize to fit your needs.

  • DR36S
    MetroMax i

    Stainless steel bulk
    drying wire caddy.
  • XTR2436XEA
    MetroMax i
    MetroMax 4
    Epoxy coated wire holds
    21/2" Deep (GN 1/1) pans.
  • XTR2436XE
    MetroMax i
    MetroMax 4

    Epoxy coated wire holds
    trays, sheet pans,
    cutting boards.
  • MAX4-DR36S
    MetroMax 4

    Stainless steel bulk
    drying wire caddy.
    MetroMax i

    All Polymer
    Drip Tray.
  • X6PEG-8PK
    MetroMax i
    MetroMax 4

    Shelf divider pegs


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