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Let Metro lean healthcare qualified specialists help you gain control of lost revenue and supplies with better storage and supply management procedures.

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The Metro Effect

Metro "lean" solutions not only organize and help standardize supplies, but they also improve efficiency and satisfaction, easily gauge and distribute workload, decrease inventory dollars on hand, and significantly decrease supply management's labor costs. With a leaner system in place, there is no doubt the savings will pile up quick. Whether it's preventing things like overproduction, long waits for patients, lost or long searches for supplies, or doing redundant or inefficient tasks, Metro has you covered.

6 Lean-optimized solutions that save you time, money, and headaches:

Metro Lean solution was a real life saver.
A lean supply chain management solution was implemented at a California hospital with outstanding results: 403 square feet of space used for storage was eliminated and a patient room, formerly used for storage, was returned to patient use. Supply outages were all but eliminated, lost and stolen items at the loading dock were curtailed, 80% of expired products were eliminated and there was a 40% reduction in inventory.

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Start with the Basics

Even the simplest of storage methods can help staff reduce wasted time and frustration, especially when delays can be caused by something as simple as a missing $.02 product. That waste is multiplied when it affects the patient, so having a strategy for combating waste is crucial for improving staff and patient satisfaction. A great starting point is Metro's Two-Bin qwikSLOT shelving system, as well as the high visibility qwikSIGHT wire mesh basket. These two simple but hardworking storage solutions allow for easy access to an array of customizable options while not overwhelming the user with unnecessary obstacles that ultimately hurt your bottom line. The Two-Bin storage system allows for staff to use up supplies before expiration while allowing easier replenishments and ordering while the locations can be color-coded to save time when searching for product.

Lean On Your Technology

Part of becoming a leaner establishment is optimizing staff resources, eliminating excessive trips for supplies, or access to documentation, and in an ever-growing and continually demanding industry, you need to rely more and more on technology to aid in these processes. Portable access to patient data, barcode scanning of medications, and wireless management of users and device settings are just a few of the ways technology is assisting, and Metro has you covered. Our Starsys line of procedure carts help eliminate clinicians' waste of running from cart to cart to manage users, access can be provided wirelessly add/remove users, change cart settings and retrieve audit reports.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Protecting your bottom line not only means reducing overall costs, but also saving your staff and patient's time, keeping supplies from expiring, and avoid losing, missing, or damaging supplies. Metro's Starsys XD system combines a mobile, enclosed cabinet with the innovative two-bin organizational process to better track and secure supplies. A higher level of inventory control using RFID may be in order. Polymer shelving and drawers in Starsys or the all polymer MetroMax shelving system are RFID-friendly providing the ultimate in enclosed or open storage. These methodologies help circumvent the unforeseen costs that plague a successful bottom line of many hospitals.

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Maximize Supply Space

When it comes to having the right supplies on hand, it's important to also consider having the right amount in stock. A lot of medical facilities need high-density solutions to handle large quantities of products while also preserving vital space to avoid taking over a potential patient's room just to hold product. Thanks to Metro's innovative Top-Track, high-density system, staff is able to utilize MetroMax shelving units while also creating easy-to-access movable aisles that drastically cut down your storage footprint. Top-Track can create over 50% more usable storage space then conventional shelving.