iPoint.1 and iPoint.3 Mobile Computing Workstations

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Real-time workstation solutions
The Lionville Series iPoint.1 and iPoint.3 mobile computing workstations seamlessly connect clinicians with real-time information at the point of care while supporting medication administration.

Designed for nurses, loaded with options
Ergonomically configured to combine the security features of a medication workstation with the time-saving efficiency of mobile computing, the iPoint.1 and iPoint.3 workstations deliver a compact solution with multiple options and benefits, including:

  • Integrated power with cart top status indicator
  • Keyless locking system
  • Push button height adjustment
  • Non-locking models
  • Multiple store tiers for patient or storage drawers

Flexible capabilities
The iPoint.1 and iPoint.3 workstations are equipped with an open architecture AC power supply that supports a wide variety of on-board computing options and accessories, such as bar code scanners and cup dispensers that adapt to every facility's needs.