Gain Space


Increase your holding power with Metro DropMat Supermarket Shelving.

In a business with super-tight margins, every advantage counts. Metro Drop Mat Supermarket Shelving can provide the edge you
are looking for. Metro DropMat is the right choice for Increasing profits, maximizing frontage, creating a unique look, and
reducing re-set time. Learning how is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Increase Capacity.


We can increase capacity up to 30% by gaining an additional shelf per aisle.

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Eliminate Gondola Space Eating Design: Metro Drop Mat’s “thin shelf” design (1/4" versus 1-1/2") eliminates the need for space robbing under-shelf supports and bulky shelf brackets, reclaiming 20% of your merchandising space. Back-to-back, Drop Mat saves yet more space. Reclaim up to 10% additional space by eliminating traditional gondola's center support structure.


Would you like to be able to adjust shelves without
removing items above and below?

Shelf supports snaps into the post, allowing instant
shelf adjustment. You can set, re-set in a flash
while not removing product from shelves above or below. Think of the time saved!


Increase Profits.


Would you abandon traditional gondola
shelving for 20% more profits?

More Products Per Foot: When customers are faced with products the higher the chance of purchase.

The look that sells:

* $30 per linear foot [average sales per week in all categories]. ** With calculated 23% average gross margin calculated, $110.40/week gross margin increase.


Real Results.


Our partners are really cleaning up in sales and profits.



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