Kitchen Tower

Chrome 5-Shelf Unit, (18x18x47)






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The Kitchen Tower is the perfect storage solution for any sized kitchen. With five sturdy shelves it offers the ease of storing all of your kitchen appliances in a ready-to-use fashion. The Kitchen Tower can easily hold all of your cookbooks, baking bowls, and even your spice rack. With a strong construction, the Kitchen Tower is up for any storing job.

A few of the Kitchen Tower features include:

  • Seamless integration into any decor.
  • Spacious shelving options.
  • Five sturdy, yet visually appealing shelves.
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required!
  • Four posts, for improved stability.
  • Ideal height to depth to width ratio for storing a multitude of kitchen items.

The next time that you are struggling with finding enough kitchen storage space, think of the Kitchen Tower. It's sleek design makes it ideal for wall or corner placement. It can even double as an extra pantry for your extra baking goods or bulk cooking supply items. No matter your cooking needs, the Kitchen Tower is designed to help you organize all of your kitchen supplies in one easy to reach unit.

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