Hanging Pot Rack

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The Hanging Pot Rack is the perfect accessory for large, small, and somewhere in-between kitchens. This quality pot rack is perfect for hanging pots, storing ladles, spoons, and other cooking utensils, keeping herbs and spices in a convenient location, and organizing your kitchen in a visually appealing and effective manner. The Hanging Pot Rack greatly improves the storage capacity, by giving you more room for food, appliances, vases, and other kitchen items.

The Hanging Pot Rack offers a few unique features that make it a popular purchase for professional and domestic chefs:

  • 18 gauge steel that is both sleek looking and sturdy.
  • 8 hanging hooks are included with the purchase of the Hanging Pot Rack.
  • 2 chains are included. The chains improve stability and strength capacity.
  • 1 inch shelf snake height.
  • Ceiling mount installation is available.

You heard it hear first, the Hanging Pot Rack says "goodbye" to cluttered pots and "hello" to a better cooking experience. Get ready to put the fun back into cooking; the Hanging Pot Rack will not only improve the storage capacity of your kitchen, but it will help to turn it into an organized cooking oasis.

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