Garage Shelving

Two basket shelves included with this unit make it versatile for any purpose.

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Optimize Your Space

Organizing a garage and keeping it tidy takes time, but garage shelving makes the job easier. It features a customizable mix of wire shelving, solid shelving and basket shelving. In garages of all sizes and shapes, everything from tools to cleaning supplies stays neat and tidy.

Garage shelving systems are sturdy enough to hold heavy objects or organize tiny nuts and bolts. They're perfect for expanding a work space. Plus, they accommodate:

  • Sporting equipment
  • Vehicle maintenance supplies
  • Gardening tools, potting soil and décor items
  • Tools organization
  • Seasonal decoration storage
  • Extra food, paper products and toiletries
  • Boxes of books and files
  • Each shelf comes with a bag of four (4) black plastic split sleeves which are used to attach the shelf to the posts

In addition to storing and sorting, a garage storage system protects items. In baskets, everything from seasonal décor items to tool instruction manuals remain sheltered from dust and bugs. On shelves, spare stereo speakers and GPS devices receive adequate ventilation.

Anyone can keep garage clean with garage shelving systems. They assemble in minutes, hold almost anything and may be customized with baskets, hanging rails and hooks. On the walls or behind doors in garages of any size, shelving remains an essential organizational partner as homeowners and renters remove clutter and maintain a tidy space.

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