Shelving Floor Protectors

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Rubber Floor Protectors

Floor protectors prevent ugly linoleum gashes, huge hardwood scratches, irreparable carpet pulls and deep tile indentations caused by storage shelving. Because they save homeowners, renters and students time and money, they're a good investment in any residential space.

Shelves store everything from heavy books to light stuffed animals. While shelving systems organize a home, they can also damage a floor's finish, especially when they're filled with heavy objects like books, cleaning supplies or tools. Floor protectors attach to the shelving unit's metal feet and provide a cushion between the heavy shelf and the expensive flooring.

For the best results, owners should attach the floor protectors before filling the shelves. Then, they may fill the shelves with confidence because these rubber protectors will protect their flooring no matter what objects the shelves hold.

The set of four floor protectors fit Metro shelving units perfectly. They won't slide off or slide on the flooring as they offer superior protection for valuable flooring throughout the home.

  • Made in the USA
  • Set of four
  • Rubber