The C5 Hands-On Approach

We took the hands on approach in the development of the C5 line of thermal holding and transport cabinets. By working directly with operators we were able to design the best selection of hot and cold holding solutions for operators.

From the 9 Series' ability to hold product for extended periods of time without quality degradation, the exclusive cool-to-touch insulation Armour™ on the 3 Series, to the best in class foamed-in-place heavy-duty T-Series Transport Armour™ construction, Metro's goal was to solve the real world problems faced by our customers. The result is an offering that is sure to satisfy the needs of any operation, anywhere in the world.

The newest addition to the C5 line is R-Series with Refrigeration Armour™, a unique durable solution to hold, transport, and serve chilled food more efficiently.

Metro C5- See how good a heated cabinet can be™.

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