Utility Carts

Push Ahead.

Give yourself the versatility you need with Metro utility carts.

Metro offers an extensive line of utility carts to fit your every need . The line includes carts that can be used in wet or dry environments, transport heavy or light loads, and carts that have built-in Microban antimicrobial product  protection which  inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi that cause odors, stains, and product degradation. With Metro’s utility carts you can choose which material, finish, configuration, and accessories work best to fit your every day needs.

This is myCart ... get your own. Designed for your transport needs ... making every step count.

Contain It…

The Deep Ledge Series shelves feature a deep 2¾” (70mm) ledge to contain product or spills

Uniquely Lifelong ...  

Life-long durability, fastest cleaning, and efficient organization to improve ROI

Unique Value…

Long-lasting durability, faster cleaning, and efficient organization to improve ROI.

Genuine Quality. MW Series Utility Carts offer a level of versatility you’ll find nowhere else.

Genuine Quality. SP Series Utility Carts offer a level of durability you’ll find nowhere else.

Ideal for containing items.

Myfold W Fold Bubble

A Portable & Easy To Use Folding Utility Cart