Crash Carts

Metro crash carts are offered in a variety of styles: Adult or pediatric, polymer or metal, carts with built in features designed for code response, base carts with add on accessories to build your own, carts with antimicrobial product protection and carts with self closing drawer slides.

Lifeline is the only cart that is designed exclusively as a crash cart to respond quickly and efficiently to a code event, featuring Metro’s proprietary 5th wheel, multi-person access and Microban® antimicrobial product protection.
Flexline is our most popular medical cart featuring Microban®, self closing drawers and an array of accessories to support application throughout a medical facility.
Basix is our metal cart line, also with a vast array of accessories and features that separate it from other carts in its class.
Designed for a code. Not adapted for one.
Standardized options… configured by you.
All the basics, Plus... lighter, cleaner, easier.

Traditional materials. Inspired design.