No Time for Downtime

No time for downtime

If you followed the riveting story about the European Space Agency’s Philae comet lander, then you know the washing machine-sized probe was shut down after an adventurous and largely unscripted 57-hour mission due to drained batteries. Before dying, Philae defied the odds and radioed its science results back to Earth for analysis. Its last task was to reposition itself so that as the comet soars toward the sun. Perhaps Philae’s batteries might recharge with enough solar illumination for a follow-up mission. However, all we know for certain now is that the mission is aborted. Imagine the data that could’ve been captured by Philae had the battery power lasted! On critical missions like this, battery power is of utmost importance because without it, the mission cannot continue.

When treating patients, everything is mission critical, which is why Metro’s power systems are engineered for more options, maximum runtime and increased reliability. Our customers can rest assured that if cared for properly, the battery power in their mobile workstations and medication carts will last no matter what the shift might bring. Here’s why:

  • Advanced lithium options: Not all lithium batteries are created equal. Our high performance Lithium Iron Nanophosphate (Li-Nano) battery technology delivers high power and energy density combined with excellent run times and battery life in a light weight, more company package. Li-Nano is superior to the typical lithium iron phosphate batteries found in other manufacturers’ carts in three key measurable areas: high power, higher usable energy and extended life cycle.
  • Battery-only chemistry upgrades: We understand that sometimes budgetary constraints restrict a facility’s battery options at the time of initial purchase. Our power system is unique in that it allows for battery-only chemistry upgrades without the need to replace the entire power system. Upgrading from SLA+ to even the most advanced Li-Nano battery option can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to perform a similar upgrade on another manufacturer’s cart.
  • Smart electronics: Our power systems include smart electronics to promote better performance by preventing deep discharges and overheating that can damage and reduce performance, cycles and ultimately, battery life itself. Additionally, our power systems include a microchip on each battery pack to balance the power draw and condition the battery to promote optimal lifetime reliability, performance and cycles.
  • Flexible power architecture: Unlike competing systems, one of our products, the Metro AccessPoint, can be configured to be powered by direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), or a combination of the two. This flexibility allows our customers to make their own selections or use existing technology and assemble for themselves.
  • Charging options: We are sensitive to applications that might require different charging options. Therefore, we are the only manufacturer to offer a selectable fanless charging mode, which quietly recharges the system in three hours. Additionally, this fanless mode reduces the circulation of dust, debris and other harmful contaminants. It is essential in specific areas of a hospital where a complete sterile environment is critical. With the fan enabled fast-charge mode can replenish a depleted power supply in as little as two hours.

Mobile workstations are used differently from facility to facility for tasks like clinical documentation and daily medication distribution. Therefore, it is important the unit’s power system has the ability to minimize downtime with reliable performance. Whether the cart is plugged in and parked between multiple patient rooms during a routine medication delivery or if it’s charged only after the battery is down to zero or 10 percent, the features of the Metro power system can be trusted to withstand even the longest of shifts. Remember, there’s no time for downtime!


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