3 Reasons why an ED Overflow Cart will Improve Efficiency in your Busy Emergency Department

Many hospitals are seeing an increased volume of emergency room patients, and the space to treat them in the traditional emergency department (ED) setting where supplies and electronic medical record (EMR) documentation stations are located is becoming scarce. As a result, nurses are using hallways, conference rooms, etc. to administer treatment - leaving nursing without the typical supplies they need to treat patients. This decreases efficiency for nurses as it requires them to leave the patient’s side to go gather the necessary supplies and then walk back to administer treatment. After treatment is administered, the nurses then need to go to their documentation station to chart the treatment. This leads to wasted time and redundant effort in the treatment of overflow patients, which could be alleviated by using an ED Overflow Cart. Here are three reasons why this cart is an integral piece of equipment in any busy ED.

  1. Efficiency of care: An Emergency Department Overflow Cart allows nurses to treat patients and document the treatment from one compact cart that can fit in any available space in the hospital’s busy ED.
  2. Speed of care: This cart gives nurses access to real-time patient information at the patient’s bedside to increase the speed of critical care no matter where the patient is treated.
  3. Increased capacity: The ED Overflow Cart’s capacity makes it possible for nurses to have all necessary supplies at their fingertips, so they don’t have to waste critical time gathering them or disturbing other patients in exam/triage rooms.

By using the Metro® Starsys® ED Overflow Cart, nurses can see patients and administer treatment more efficiently, along with having each patient’s information readily available. This helps to improve an emergency department’s operations and allows for more efficient care to be administered. To learn more about this cart and the benefits it will bring to your hospital, contact your local Metro sales representative. Unsure of who to call, please visit http://www.metro.com/howtobuy.

We would love to hear from you! Are you experiencing an increased number of patients being treated in overflow areas of the ED? Let us know how this cart could help your nursing staff treat patients more efficiently! 

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