Meet Team Metro - Mike Ferrara



Number of Years with Metro:2

Describe your role at Metro: 
Imagine the lion tamer at a circus, trying to keep dozens of hungry lions and tigers happy at the same time!

What do you like best about working at Metro?                               
The work atmosphere, my co-workers, my bosses, and this building. And free coffee!

What part of your job to do take the most pride in?   
Getting an email or a call from a customer thanking me for all the help I gave them and hearing how Metro’s the best in the business in customer service!

What does “Think Customer” mean to you? (Share any examples where you’ve gone above and beyond for a customer.)                 
Customer doesn’t always mean the person buying our product.  Our dealers, rep groups, co-workers are all my customers and I try to treat each one as such.  As far as examples, there are too many to count!

What is your favorite Metro product and why?                 
I love our C5 line.  It’s unique and innovative and serves a niche in the industry.  Plus, they’re built right here in WB.

What is your favorite movie?    
Cinderella Man.  The true story of James Braddock.

What is your favorite meal? 
Anything made by either of my late Grandmothers.  That kind of cooking is sadly becoming a lost art.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?     
You cannot have success without honor. 

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