Meet Team Metro - Marianne Biago

Name: Marianne Biago 

Title: Order Entry Rep

Number of Years with Metro: 3

Describe your role at Metro. My role at Metro is in the Food Service Market. I enter orders for Metro product that come in to us via email or fax in a timely manner.

What do you like best about working at Metro?  I like that everyone works as a team here and we try to help each other out.

What part of your job to do take the most pride in?  The pride I feel is actually toward the product itself, knowing the care and quality that goes in to making each item makes me feel very proud to be part of this team.

What does “Think Customer” mean to you? “Think Customer” to me means that the customer should always come first, whether it is entering an order, or dealing with an issue that needs to be resolved, all the way to the product being delivered.   The customer is why we are all here and we would all do well to remember that.

What is your favorite Metro product and why?  I like all of the shelving and the different ways to combine items to help with organization.

What is your favorite movie? Robin Hood

What is your favorite meal?  Anything Italian!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?   The best advice I have gotten whether it was here or with a former employer is that the customer/patient always comes first.   And it is my job to do the best that I can to make them happy

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