The Five Stages of the Holidays

The holidays are many things to many people. They are happy, stressful, busy and reflective. Over the years I’ve learned to stop and enjoy the moment and try to manage what is in my power to manage. That said, being organized and having the tools that make life easier are always a good investment. If something helps you save time, then it also supplies you with more time to enjoy life. One of the things that have helped me with this is being organized. I am a true neat freak. If you are too or aspire to get organized, I have some holiday tips that work for me and I hope they work for you too.

1.       Keep things that belong together, together.  I know that sounds elementary but how many times have you gone to the garage for a tool to find out that it’s been put somewhere random like the place it was last used. I use one shelving unit or several, (if you need more) to store all my holiday decorations in one place.  This makes life so easy!

2.       An extra work space makes all the difference. I have a stainless steel fold-up work table. I can’t tell you how much it helps me during the holidays and other times of the year too. It’s my bff … lol, (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  We use it while setting up the train for under our tree. The tracks and trains need to be cleaned-up and prepared so they are in tip-top shape. Toot –toot. This extra space helps with the process.

3.       Have a place for those goodies that your guests bring. Here’s where my folding work table comes in handy again. The desserts and treats have a special place of honor and it creates a self-serve station. My guests are special to me and so are the treats that they bring. Why not display them that way?

4.       Celebrate the New Year in style. My fold-up work table serves as a mini bar. Special holiday drinks in the comfort of your home is extra nice. But whatever you do, make New Year’s Eve special whether it is a quiet night alone or a big celebration, it doesn’t matter be good to yourself and know that every day is a chance for a new beginning.

5.       Make a resolution to get organized and enjoy life! It’s time to put everything away and to start the New Year with a fresh outlook. A place for everything and everything in its place.

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