• Smooth surface easily wipes clean and won't stain.
  • Corrosion proof, impact resistant polymer shelves are designed to withstand daily abuse.
  • Right-sized for common containers and racks.
  • Additional legroom puts more distance between the shelves and you.
  • Sturdy construction: 300lb. (136kg.), 400lb. (181kg.), and 500lb. (227kg.) capacity models available.

T-Series Heated Cabinet, SES Pro Shelving, POS Program

T-Series VideoSES Pro VideoPOS Box

Super Erecta Pro

ReinnovatedSES Pro Shelf

Protective: lift-off polymer shelf mats resist abrasion from rough stuff like polycarbonate containers, stainless pans and heavy boxes; shelf mats clean up easily by hand, in a utility sink or in a commercial washer.

Proficient: 1" shelf adjustability maximizes space efficiency.

Proactive: Microban® antimicrobial protection is built-in to polymer mats and epoxy coated shelf frames and posts.

Productive: units are available in the wide variety of sizes professionals use most, and are interchangeable with existing Metro Super Erecta® shelf systems.

Proven: robust construction is classic Super Erecta®; holds up to 800 lbs. per shelf - 2000 lbs. per stationary unit - that's a lot of stuff.

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Best in Show

POS Display

Metro® POS Showroom Products

  • All-One-Box Convenience
  • Colorful packaging provides features and benefits
  • Many popular products
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POS Product Choices


Durable, Efficient, Intelligent Hot Food Transport

Metro C5 T-Series with Transport Armour™

Stainless Steel construction with foamed-in-place insulation provides superior heat retention, industry leading energy efficiency, and the durability you need for long-term, over-the-road use and abuse!

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