Design & Layout

Design and Layout Services

  • "Space Audits" to Maximize Your Storage Potential
  • Product Planning and Room Layout
  • Project Quoting and Management
  • 3D Product and Application Visualization
  • Custom Product Design and Engineering
  • Product Prototyping and Samples

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Metro Advance: Deployment Services

Because Time is Money ...

Healthcare providers often underestimate the time and resources required to deploy new products and software into existing workflows. Metro has created a seamless process designed to ensure a successful rollout. From unboxing to product configuration and training, Metro is with you every step of the way.

Our best-in-class services help protect and support your investment by optimizing product performance, reducing unplanned downtime and improving clinician workflow.


Metro Maintain: Preventive Maintenance

Free Up Your Valuable Resources and Get Proactive ...

Preventive maintenance reduces unplanned downtime by preventing problems before they occur. However, not all healthcare providers have the resources in-house to accomplish this on their own. Metro will help you design and implement a program that can lower your overall support costs and maximize the life of your investment.

Our trained technicians will perform a comprehensive evaluation encompassing the cart, power supply and battery to keep your Metro® products in optimal condition.

Ongoing Support

Metro® Care - Your focus should be on your business, not on your software...

Premium access to our technical support resources provides you with the peace-of-mind that your systems will continually be updated with the lates bug fixes and patches. It's an unbeatable advantage.

Metro Assurance: Extended Warranties

Protect your investment and keep clinicians efficient ...

Metro has the knowledge, tools and hands-on expertise to support your service requirements and protect your investment. Safeguard your Metro products against downtime wiyh hassle-free replacements and rapid response.

Metro offers a flexible range of on-site service options designed to meet your operating needs and budget. From break-fix work to maintenance contracts, you can rely on Metro for consistent and dependable support from our highly trained technicians where and when you need it.

Upgrades & Retrofits

Metro® Outlast - Do more with what you already have...

Metro manufactures quality products intended to hold up to the rigors of demanding environments and designed to change as your needs evolve. Enjoy additional years of use for a fraction of the cost of buying new.