We've Listened. We've Learned. And It's Almost Time to Unveil.

Metro’s new 1760Rx with SecureRx Med Module combines the medication management expertise from Lionville with the mobile computing expertise from Flo. Our user-driven design provides the power systems, storage, security and integrated technology your facility requires to increase efficiency and spend more time caring for patients. Our medication module features individual locking bins for security, and accuracy at the point of care. Metro's industry-leading power systems help improve workflow by providing longer runtimes. Ergonomic design and a compact footprint allow for easy maneuverability and clinician comfort when working long shifts.

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Features of the SecureRx:

Patient Specific Bins

patient specific bins
  • Improved accuracy in medication delivery
  • Fits nursing needs for patient capacity and storage
  • Increased MAR (eMAR) compliance

Robust Locking Options

robust locking options
  • Enhanced medication security
  • Reduction of pilferage
  • Managerial audit capabilities
  • Several easy-to-use options

Power Options

power options
  • Industry-leading power systems
  • Engineered for maximum uptime
  • Less time recharging, more time caring for patients

Compact Footprint

compact footprint
  • Improved maneuverability at the point-of-care
  • Light-weight and easy to move
  • Increased comfort

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