Planning and Design

Our expert consultants begin with your needs in mind.


Expert Consultation

A successful pharmacy design starts with great communication between the end user and consultant. Metro’s representatives and designers have years of experience in medication distribution systems and pharmacy design. This thorough understanding of health-system pharmacy and its unique challenges allows us to provide comprehensive consultation and design services.

Conceptual Design The first stage of the design process is an on-site meeting and review of the project.  From this initial consultation, a space plan is created that shows the proper flow of materials and information.

Perspective View Once the designs are reviewed and fine tuned, three dimensional elevations are created. This provides a life-like illustration of the final design.

Final Design Package As the project deadline approaches, a detailed plan and two dimensional elevations of the modular components are created.  These “shop drawings” become the working documents for the production and installation of your new fixtures.  We also provide information on plumbing and electrical requirements needed for a successful project.

Installation Services Metro’s professional, experienced installation team will be there until the fitting of the final shelf, guaranteeing a smooth installation and an attractive final product. Best of all, as your needs change, our team can assist your facility with reconfiguring your pharmacy fixtures to address new requirements.

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How To Buy

CAD Drawings

Expertly Installed


Fixtures engineered for flexibility, easy configuration, strength and durability.


 Sample Pharmacy Fixture Layout

For over twenty years, Metro has seen many medication distribution systems from
Unit dose to decentralized pharmacy automation. Our experience has taught us that pharmacy design and fixtures must blend functionality and flexibility.

Our unique combination of universal steel and wood components provide ample storage and work space that can change with your pharmacy’s needs.

A  Contoured front edges on all shelves. The over counter shelves have integrated brackets that allow the shelf to be placed in two gravity feed positions or flat.

B  All shelves have a flat retainer that slips into the front slot.

C Fully slotted back panels maximize adjustability. Decorative tubing can be added to give a finished look.

D Designed with precision, the components are not only efficient, but also create a “built-in” attractive work environment. From the designer drawer pulls to the many laminate choices for wood components, our staff will help you select the combination that fits you best.

E  Easy exchange, easy clean drawer totes drop into drawer frames. Adjustable dividers keep supplies organized and easily identified.

Every Metro installation provides the pharmacy with floor supported counters of virtually any length and width. Floor supported means strength, without fear of sagging regardless of the use. Metro’s counters can easily support extremely heavy weight, including a laminar flow hood or packaging equipment.

Pharmacy storage needs continue to evolve, as bar coding and other technologies place a premium on capacity, ergonomics and accuracy. Metro offers a wide array of durable shelving and storage to enhance pharmacy efficiency. Metro’s over counter shelves offer maximum capacity thanks to single piece construction, adjustable both flat and gravity feed, and feature three different corner shelves. Drawers are unibody steel construction with open or closed faces, gravity feed bottle drawers, and feature full extension ball bearing slides.

Change will come to pharmacy in many ways, from simple repositioning of shelves to complete renovations. In any event, Metro’s pharmacy fixtures are designed to adapt. Our universal components mean any shelf, drawer or cabinet can be quickly and easily moved. Since our fixtures are entirely free standing, walls do not have to be built or moved to accommodate layouts or revisions.

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Pharmacy Fixture Components



Specialized Support Solutions

Analyzing your needs to ensure efficiency.


Picking Station

Order Entry Sterile Preparation Outpatient Services Operations Support


Understanding the health system pharmacy, its unique functions and challenges, allow Metro’s consultants to design solutions for all types of pharmacies. Our perspective helps pharmacists create an efficient, flexible and modular work environment for all the key elements of a pharmacy.

Picking Stations  The picking station is the most dynamic are of the pharmacy. As your needs change, Metro’s pharmacy fixtures changes with you. Our workstations can be easily reconfigured on site to accommodate any distribution method, including unit dose distribution, decentralized automatic dispensing systems, centralized robotic filling or any future distribution technology.

Order Entry  Metro’s order entry and computer workstation designs increase functionality by providing integrated, user-friendly spaces that limit clutter and improve organization, so technicians can work more efficiently. We are constantly developing innovative solutions for this area of the pharmacy to improve overall workflow and productivity.

Sterile Preparation  Increased patient acuity has impacted many aspects of the health-system pharmacy, especially sterile preparation. New regulations, products and services demand designs that integrate appropriate cleanroom technology and effective space planning.

Outpatient Services Outpatient pharmacy services are vital to growing health care systems. Patient interaction and counseling make aesthetic concerns as important as functionality. Metro’s pharmacy fixtures uniquely blends form and function to create pharmacies that are efficient as well as eye-catching.

Operations Support Proper design of support services is critical to the efficiency of the pharmacy. Metro’s flexible, modular casework and specialized pharmacy components help each of these areas function effectively in an overall design: changing as your needs evolve.

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