EMR & Clinical Documentation

Immediate access to real-time information.

Great patient care results from the accurate capture of patient information. At Metro, our broad suite of mobile computing workstations supports the usage of electronic medical records (EMRs) to help hospitals achieve their goal of delivering optimal patient care.

An extension of traditional medical records, EMRs contain patient information, including clinical visits, prescribed treatments, family history and more. By integrating EMRs onto a mobile computing workstation, the most up-to-date patient information is available to everyone on the hospital network at any given time.

Improving clinical outcomes

In traditional hospital settings, nurses perform their rounds documenting patients’ vitals and conditions using a paper and pen. As a result, data is not entered into a computer until the round is complete. Due to this process, a doctor may perform a patient consultation prior to the nurse entering the information into the computer. Without access to the most recent information, this consultation could potentially result in a clinical decision error.

When using mobile computing workstations, nurses can move the collection of patient data to where it matters most—at the point of care. By immediately entering patient information at the bedside, efficiencies are gained and productivity increases. In addition, this real-time charting ensures clinicians always have access to the most current patient data—resulting in better, more informed clinical decision making.

Designed for how you work

Metro’s mobile computing workstations’ ability to integrate with innovative technology and sleek design help hospitals become a highly mobile and efficient environment. From the adjustable height to oversized monitors and full-size keyboards, the ergonomic design of Metro’s workstations promote EMR adoption. Throughout it all, Metro’s various power system options offer high uptime with consistent performance for a full shift.



Click Here to Download Metro Clinical Documentation Application Sheet.

Vital Signs Data Capture

Streamlining the collection of patient data

The accurate capture of patient information—including temperature, pulse, blood pressure and more—is critical to ensuring a patient is properly assessed and diagnosed. By integrating vital signs data capture capabilities with Metro’s mobile computing workstations, clinicians can simultaneously compare the current vitals information with the patient’s history.

Connecting clinicians to real-time data

Due to the critical nature of hospital environments, understanding a patient’s current and past medical history is important to ensure the appropriate care is provided. With Metro’s mobile computing workstations, clinicians have anytime access to a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR)—enabling them to evaluate current information based on the patient’s history.

The vitals signs integration also helps to ensure potential transcription errors are eliminated by capturing patient data once—at the point of care. The workstation’s small footprint offers clinicians the flexibility to take the workstation directly to the patient bedside to capture real-time vitals data directly in the EMR.

In the end, by collecting the vital signs data in real-time during rounds, all departments connected through the EMR system—from the front-line clinical staff and pharmacy to the lab and other departments—are better prepared to react quickly to changes in a patient’s condition.

These streamlined processes result in efficient and accurate data collection and documentation, which enable better clinical decision making.

Improving staff productivity

At Metro, our mobile computing workstations are designed to meet the ergonomic needs of clinicians. Equipped with a full-size monitor screen and adjustable keyboard, Metro workstations make it easier for clinicians to view patient information and document consultations. And, by integrating with vital signs data capture devices, clinicians can record vitals in a more streamlined and efficient manner—saving time and money, while also improving productivity and patient satisfaction.

* Consult with the manufacturer of your facility’s vital signs data capture devices to determine compatibility with Metro mobile computing workstations.

Click Here to Download Metro Clinical Documentation Application Sheet.


Connecting clinicians with patients in remote locations

Hospitals everywhere are presented with the challenge of delivering the best possible care to their patients, regardless of location. By integrating videoconferencing technology onto Metro’s Flo Series mobile computing workstations, hospitals are able to deliver on this promise by connecting patients with clinicians and specialists, regardless of location.

Hospitals benefiting from telehealth

Metro‘s mobile computing workstations have been implemented in hundreds of hospitals, many of which leverage telehealth solutions to provide otherwise unavailable care. Here are a few examples:




Speed diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening conditions: Hospitals in eight states are working with Metro’s business partner, REACH Call, to improve care for stroke patients in rural areas. Using a Flo Series telehealth solution, rural hospitals can collaborate with on-call specialists at major medical centers to promote timely diagnosis and treatment—a critical factor for promoting recovery.
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Achieve work-life balance: A Redding, Calif., customer, who runs a private practice and serves as the director of a regional medical center’s stroke program, benefits from a Metro’s Flo Series telehealth solution by decreasing travel, telediagnosing remotely, reducing the number of patient consultation cancellations and achieving a better work-life balance.
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Decrease patient travel: The Dialysis Center of Lincoln uses the Metro’s Flo Series telehealth solution to connect physicians to patients in rural areas of Nebraska. By eliminating distance and travel time as a barrier to quality care, doctors visit with patients more often and provide an increased level of one-on-one attention.
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Learn more about telehealth solutions from Metro

Telehealth solutions provide hospitals many additional benefits—from expanding a hospital’s capabilities, which enhances its reputation, to providing needed audio and visual translation services.

LO7-006Download a copy of Metro’s Telehealth Application Sheet to learn about how Metro’s Flo Series workstations are integrated with telehealth capabilities.Connections NewsletterGet your copy of our Spring 2009 Connections newsletter to read our Telehealth Q&A and learn how our business partner’s new solution is accelerating mobile telehealth at the point of care.


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