Metro's Commitment to the Environment

Since 1929, Metro has been committed to providing our customers quality products and services that demonstrate the highest level of value. That tradition is still very much a part of our culture today as we continue to expand our product offerings and strive to improve our service levels to even higher standards of excellence.

Along with a commitment to products and services, Metro is deeply devoted to pursuing environmental friendly products and processes in order to contribute to preserving the world we live in.

Our devotion extends through all areas of our business from raw material procurement through finished product delivery to our customers, from manufacturing processes in the plant to administrative functions in the office as well as in the field and from product design in specifying recycled/recyclable materials through product manufacturing in running high yield rates and recycling excess/scrap materials.

Click here to find some fast facts on how we are contributing to energy and environmental conservation.

At Metro, we are actively pursuing improvements within our organization to do our part in preserving our planet for generations to come.


John G. Nackley
President & CEO

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