Point-of-care computing that fits your technology, your budget, and your workflow.

The Metro experience is truly unique: Leading-edge point-of-care computing solutions for every application, with the service and support that only a global, user-focused company can provide.

Lowest cost of ownership and the highest satisfaction.

  • Simply the best long-term investment
  • Better uptime and reliability
  • Upgradable for specific applications
  • Optimized technology and power
    systems extend battery life
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves clinician workflow

View the 7–point Metro advantage

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Form and function
work beautifully

  • Reduce extra movements
  • Ease repetitive tasks with features like: Adjustable keyboard tray, large height adjustable work surface, left & right mouse positions and integrated footrest
  • Expend less energy performing daily tasks
  • Increase productivity and time at the patients bedside

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