Medication Cart, iMed

Full size medication cart with technology capabilities
The Lionville Series iMed medication cart provides a wide assortment of drawer configurations and an extensive range of accessories that can be customized to meet the current and future storage and medication management requirements of any nursing unit.

Designed for integration with your pharmacy systems
Configured to combine the security features of a full size medication cart with the time-saving efficiency of mobile computing, the iMed cart delivers medication management with multiple options, including:

  • Integrated power supply with cart top LED battery status indicators
  • Keypad or card reader unlocking and an automatic relocking security system
  • Multiple drawer arrangements with a secure technology compartment
  • Accommodates various pharmacy distribution methods, such as cassette exchange, robot filled envelopes or direct drawer fill
  • 180 degree articulating top or side mounted arms for monitors or all-in-one computers
  • Barcode medication administration (BCMA) support
  • Access to facility's clinical information systems
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) integration

Flexible capabilities
The iMed cart is equipped with an open architecture AC power supply that supports a wide variety of on-board computing options and accessories, such as bar code scanners, that adapt to every facility's needs.


Shelving, Cantilever, Super Erecta

Create a unique display:  Overhead shelves provide for additional storage space and convenient, lightweight display in the space above a shelving fixture. Order rear post uprights that will extend above the unit and add one or more of these 12" (305mm) deep shelves. Shelf has a drop mat design which provides a retaining ledge on all four sides. Same no tool assembly and, 1" (25mm) shelf adjustability as other standard Super Erecta shelves.

Shelving, Quick Adjust, qwikSLOT

Super Erecta qwikSLOT shelving is one of the most flexible and adjustable shelving systems available. Incorporating the strength and attractive look of the Super Erecta design, Super Erecta qwikSLOT shelving is the easiest system to assemble and adjust, designed to meet your changing needs. qwikSLOT wire shelving allows for the addition, removal, or adjustment of intermediate shelves easily in seconds, at 1-inch increments. qwikSLOT wire shelving can change as your needs change. No tools required for assembly . Optional casters can be added for mobile units.

Shelving, Regular Erecta

Regular Erecta Shelving's features are unique and just as important to the Super Erecta family:

  • Ease of assembly--grooves on shelves position and lock shelves to the uprights.
  • Unique Design
  • Versatile Construction
  • Uprights--diagonal wire provides additional support.
  • Adjustability--Shelves can be placed at 5" (127mm) intervals along the upright.
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Durable Chrome-plated Finish
Shelving, Solid, Super Erecta

A highly rigid shelving format, perfect for applications involving spillage or contamination.

  • Shelf design features 1/4" (3mm) raised “ship’s edge” on all four sides
  • Sturdy aluminum castings firmly lock corners to posts
  • Embossed or louvered/embossed shelf styles allow air circulation.
  • Available in stainless steel or galvanized materials. 
  • Solid shelving available in four widths and six lengths

Stainless solid shelving is also available with stainless corners, designed for cart-wash and autoclave applications. 

Shelving, Super Adjustable Super Erecta

Super Adjustable Super Erecta Shelving is the most advanced and innovative wire storage system available. A unique corner release system and SiteSelect Posts make changing shelf levels fast and easy, without tools! And Super Adjustable Shelving works in conjunction with the entire Super Erecta System of shelves and accessories. 

  • Easily adjustable at 1-inch (25mm) intervals.
  • Easily assembled without tools.
  • Unique shelf design minimizes dust accumulation and allows a free circulation of air.
  • Unique post design: provides a visual guide for positioning and adjusting shelves.
  • Fast and easy reconfiguration.
Shelving, Super Erecta
  • Versatile Construction: Super Erecta Shelf wire shelving can change as quickly as your needs change. By using various accessories, hundreds of shelving configurations become possible.
  • Shelf Ribs: Run front to back, allowing you to slide items on and off shelves smoothly.
  • Shelf Accessibility: Shelves can be loaded/unloaded easily from all sides.
  • Adjustability: Shelves can be adjusted at 1” (25mm) intervals along the entire length of the post.

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