SmartWall G3 Overview

Spec Sheet 10.42,10.42b, 10.43 and Assembly Instruction

SmartWall G3 Prep Station

Organized, efficient wall space at work.


A unique storage and work station system for often under utilized space - empty walls.

Wall-mounted tracks are the foundation for attaching:

  • Productivity stations with grids, accessories, and storage shelves

  • Wall Shelving using uprights and Metro shelves

  • Customized storage space using combinations of shelving, grids, and specialized accessories


SmartWall G3 with Stainless Tables

The use of the system around and above sinks, work tables, and equipment will keep these areas cleaner and more organized.

  • Food prep areas

  • Back-of-house grocery or convenient store areas

  • Janitorial supply

  • General storage above carts, work tables, equipment, or dunnage racks

SmartWall G3 installs in a fraction of the time of conventional wall shelving. Mount the tracks level. Add storage or work stations where you need them and fasten them to the wall.


SmartWall G3 Productivity Stations

Spec Sheet 10.42,10.42b, 10.43 and Assembly Instruction

SmartWall G3 Productivity Stations

Promotes a cleaner and more organized work environment.


  • Prep Areas: keep tools, containers, utensils, and supplies off of the work surface and organized for fast, easy access. The work area remains clean and free from clutter to increase efficiencies.

  • Sinks: organize containers, lids, utensils and tools above the sink for safe air drying. Additional supplies can be easily stored for quick and efficient access.

  • Available in medium duty and standard duty versions.

  • Grids allow customizable configurations of accessories.

  • Accessories include: bulk storage shelves, small supply shelves, baskets, hooks, drying rack accessories, utensil holders, bins, small utility racks, and a variety of holders



SmartWall G3 Wall Storage

Spec Sheet 10.42,10.42b, 10.43 and Assembly Instruction

SmartWall G3 Wall Storage Over a Stainless Table

Easy to install, robust, and flexible ...
  • Installs in a fraction of the time of conventional wall shelving.
  1. Mount tracks level.
  2. Hang the uprights.
  3. Add shelves and supports.
  4. Secure the uprights to the wall.
  • Robust design allows a wall-mounted shelving unit to hold up to 400 lbs. (180 kg) when mounted to wood studs or plywood.*

*NOTE: Users and installers should always be sure that walls are properly supported, in good condition, and that proper fastners are used.

  • Flexible options, Ideal for single units or a complete run of side-by-side storage. Use with shelving from 14" through 24" (355 through 610 mm) deep.

SmartWall G3 Wall Storage


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