Super Adjustable 2 Top-Track
Spec Sheet: 11.12

High Density Storage - Super Adjustable 2 (Wire)

Super Erecta and Super Adjustable Super Erecta 2 versions available. Mobile units are positioned between stationary units, and only a single aisle, which can be opened between any two units as needed, is required. This efficient utilization of space addresses the storage needs of growing operations, and may eliminate the need for facility expansion. 

  • Storage capacity is increased by 50% without increasing floor space.
  • Units are easily assemble. The track does not require drilling or bolting to the floor as do most "floor-mounted" systems, saving time and money.
  • Super Erecta and Super Adjustable shelves are offered in various widths and lengths to fit any size area.
  • Rollers guided by the overhead track eliminate dirt and debris accumulation and other sanitation problems often associated with floor-mounted track systems.
  • Unobstructed floor area within the system promotes easy aisle access.
LO1-166 | Assembly Instructions | Top Track Floor Pad System
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11.12 | Spec Sheets | Storage, High-Density, Top-Track - 11.12

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