Tote Box Carriers

Deluxe tote box carriers maximize available floor space for the dedicated storage of small to medium size supplies. Choose from single-, double-, or triple-bays units


  • Three sizes, styles to choose.
  • Organizational/Identification: Deluxe tote boxes are accessorized with dividers, to organize box contents, and card holders, to identify box contents.
  • Easy access: tote boxes can be "pulled out" and cantilevered.
  • Flexible usage: deluxe tote box carriers provide organized, high density storage in many functional areas.
Tote Box Slide System (MetroMax)

MetroMax Super Slides

Quickly attach to 24" (610mm) wide metroMax shelves.  Accepts 3", 6" and 9" (76, 152 and 230mm) deep tote boxes in combination up to 15" (381mm) high.  Corrosion-resistant gray epoxy finish.

MetroMax One-Piece Undershelf Slides

Innovative design lets you suspend tote boxes on 18" and 24" (457 and 610 mm) wide MetroMax shelves to create a more versatile storage system.

Tote Box Slide System (Wire)

The Super Erecta Slide System permits total adaptability of slides and tote boxes to any 21 to 24-inch wide (530 or 610 mm) Super Erectra Shelf open wire unit. Slides are available in four sizes and can be positioned quickly and easily on new or existing units without use of tools. Adaptable boxes are available in six sizes, with varying widths, lengths, and depths.

  • The Metro Super Erecta Slide System allows positioning of slides and tote boxes in vertical, horizontal, or freestyle arrangements.
  • The three different box depths, in different combinations, permit adjustment of shelf  spacing from 12 to 19 inches (305 to 483 mm).
  • Open wire, one piece slides in four sizes are easily positioned or repositioned without tools.
Tote Boxes

Metro's Divider Tote Box Line offers safe and efficient storage of items in bulk, or in compartmentalized fashion with the use of optional dividers. 

  • Manufactured of polypropylene material.
  • Can be stored and transported in a variety of standard Metro Products.
  • Durable - resists "shaving" of sides, high impact strength, uniform wall thickness.
  • Fast divider installation.
  • Easily identify contents.


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