Flo 1760 Mobile Computing Workstation

The next evolution of mobile workstations.

A highly sophisticated and modular workstation, the Flo 1760 wireless mobile workstation is designed to easily integrate with emerging technologies and give hospitals the flexibility to use one workstation for numerous applications.

Designed to support your workflow

Clinicians, IT and Biomed professionals constantly face pressures to deliver quality patient care, integrate new technology and comply with multiple regulations.  With this in mind, Metro designed the Flo 1760 - which is integrated, simple to use, durable, tried and tested.  With the Flo 1760, you get:

  • The ability to integrate electronic medical records (EMRs) to collect patient data at the point of care, which results in improved care, reduced costs and increased efficiency.
  • Improved features and functionality, allowing clinicians to spend more time with the patient at the point of care.
  • A perfect blend of technology and design enable easy serviceability and upgrades.
  • A workstation designed to the UL-60601-1 international standard, ensuring compliance with biomedical safety requirements.

A long-term investment

The Flo 1760 has a modular design that accommodates upgrades to monitors, power systems, storage and other technology components, allowing hospitals to leverage existing workstations to support new applications - everything from basic EMR functionality to more sophisticated telehealth capabilities.


Flo 1800 Mobile Computing Workstation

Innovative design makes it easy to access.

Metro designed the Flo 1800 mobile workstations to make users' lives a little easier.  The fully integrated cart helps deliver high quality care and meets the strictest of standards in patient safety.

The Flo 1800 offers advanced ergonomics that bring the clinician closer to the point of care and help increase patient satisfaction.  Its sleek design enables clinicians to access real-time information while interacting with clients and reducing the opportunity for error.  Designed with technology options and upgrades in mind, the PC integration on this wireless workstation sets a new standard in increased stability, quality and reliability over the complete life cycle.

Nurses love Flo's maneuverability and premium fit and finish level.  IT departments like the Flo 1800 because its PC mounting location provides easy access for upgrade or service.  Administrators love the Flo 1800's total cost of ownership and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Metro's combination of healthcare expertise and innovative design has set the standard for mobile clinical workstations.  In fact, Metro holds patents on virtually all aspects of the Flo 1800 - from the adjustable monitor to the large work surface.

Flo Laptop Carts

Essential access with a lower total cost of ownership

Metro's mobile laptop carts are designed to meet your basic requirements for bedside access to patient information.

Designed to support your workflow

Clinicians, IT and Biomed professionals constantly face pressures to deliver quality patient care, integrate new technology and comply with multiple regulations...all on a tight budget.  With this in mind, Metro designed this cart - an integrated, easy to use, durable, tried and tested mobile laptop cart.

Base cart:

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Advanced ergonomics
  • High quality fit and finish
  • Tested and certified
  • Integrates with your enterprise standard notebook


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