Medication and Inventory Management that’s
Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Afford, not Easy to be Without.

Simplicity Advantage.

The MedDispense user interface is quickly learned and easy to operate – saving time and allowing you to focus on patient care. The system secures both your medications and supplies and seamlessly integrates with virtually any HL7 compliant hospital information system, automatically capturing dispensing, usage, and billing information.

(Meets all HIPAA requirements and fully ODBC compliant, it can be used with Crystal Reports.)

Affordability Advantage.

MedDispense systems provide the safety and availability of an automated dispensing solution without extra features that increase cost and complexity.

Because the system provides full connectivity and integration with most operations software, medication use and costs are captured immediately upon dispensing, streamlining operations and improving reimbursement.

Facility Advantage.

MedDispense systems meet the needs of the medical community, providing a solution with the perfect configuration for any facility. Whether it is a large acute care hospital or a more specialized long-term care facility, Metro offers a reasonably priced system that improves security and efficiency, maximizing ROI.

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