Spec Sheet: 11.15

High Density Storage - Floor Track System with Polymer Shelving

Metro qwikTRAK high density movable aisle system increases the storage capacity of a given area by 30 - 40%!  The system allows more storage units to fit in a defined space.  A movable, open aisle allows full access to each shelving unit thus eliminating hard to reach or "dead" spaces:

  • Protect floors.  The floor tracks compensate for rough or choppy floors and provide a smooth, level surface to guide the mobile units in a straight line.
  • Safely store and move heavy loads!  Unique grooved casters enable mobile units to glide easily on the floor tracks even under heavy loads of 1200 - 2000 lbs. (544 - 907kg).
  • Two interchangeable shelf and post options:
    • MetroMax i shelves and posts have a lifelong performance.  Polymer and stainless steel materials are incredibly strong and are backed by a lifetime warranty against corrosion.
    • MetroMax Q shelves and posts are constructed of durable epoxy coated steel.  Removable polymer shelf mats withstand daily abuse. 
  • Smooth surfaces and polymer shelf mats protect sensitive packaged items from tears or damage.
  • Durable construction is especially suited for wet environments.
LO1-396 | Assembly Instructions | qwikTRAK HD Storage System
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