1 Office Storage - Black 6' High

18"D x 48"W x 74"H
Consists of:

  • 4 ea. L1848B
  • 4 ea. L74PB
2 Office Storage - Chrome

18"D x 48"W x 74"H
Consists of:

  • 4 ea. L1848C
  • 4 ea. L74PC
3 Office Storage - Chrome/Home

14"D x 36"W x 54"H
Consists of:

  • 4 ea. L1436C
  • 4 ea. L54PC
4 "Shortie" Desktop

18"D x 25"W x 7"H
Consists of:

  • 1 pack L4PK7B (pack of 4)
  • 1 ea. L18TRB Shelf
  • Available only in black epoxy.
  • Post bottoms include anti-slip feet.
  • Provides desk storage.
  • Strong, Sturdy and Durable!
  • 7" posts convenient for monitor height.
Copy Center
18"D x 36"W x 45"H
Consists of:
  • 3 ea. L1836B Shelves
  • 4 ea. L45PB Posts
Office Storage - Black 5' High

14"D x 48"W x 63"H
Consists of:

  • 4 ea. L1448B Shelves
  • 4 ea. L63PB Posts
Office Tower
18"D x 18"W x 63"H
Consists of:
  • 4 ea. L1818B Shelves
  • 4 ea. L63PB Posts
Small Bookcase

14"D x 36"W x 54"H
Consists of:

  • 4 ea. L1436B Shelves
  • 4 ea. L54PB Posts

Folding Table
InterMetro introduces it's NEW Folding Work Table.

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