Horizontal Hold Carts - Heavy Duty (CBL Style)

High-density cart with 3/8" (8mm) deep slides for positive board capture provide 48 levels for circuit boards and 11/16" (18mm) on center spacing for volume loading. Center panel is included and features slides on both sides. Slides accept boards up to 22-1/2" (571mm) long and up to 1/2" (12.7mm) thick. Standard units includes two end, and one center panel.

ESD Classification:  Conductive

Horizontal Hold Carts - Standard Duty (CBH Style)

Safety and convenience are provided in this durable mobile unit. Adjustable panels with horizontal slides feature 5/8” (13mm) spacing for high density loading. Ideal for transporting work-in process and storing large quantities of boards. Open chrome-plated steel panels allow for airflow and conductivity, and have slides that accept boards up to 1/8” (3mm) thick. Standard units include 2 end panels only. Optional center panel shown below.

ESD Classification: Conductive

PCB Hand Held Carriers

The safe, efficient way to carry delicate printed circuit boards. System features adjustable panels with 5/8” (13mm) slide spacing that accommodate boards up to 1/8” (9mm) thick. These hand-held units carry up to 20 full-size boards; optional double-sided center panels increase capacity of carriers.

Three width sizes available to accommodate additional center panels. Stackable design permits up to three carriers of the same size to be stacked vertically, saving floor space; or can be transported and stored on Metro® Kitting Carts. Hi-temperature phenolic knobs can be used in applications with up to 400°F continuous temperatures.

ESD Classification: Conductive

PCB Handling Accessories

Quickly and easily convert your Metro totes into an effective PCB handling system with the addition of Metro PCB Grid Boards or Metro PCB Holder Inserts.

Metro PCB Grid Boards are placed inside standard Metro totes to provide a pattern of slots where boards can be captured by the bottom edge. Three different size PCB Grid Boards are available in both Bentron conductive and Benstat static dissipative materials to fit the TB91000, TB92000, and TB93000 series footprints.

Metro PCB Holder Inserts integrate into standard Metro Tote Box divider slots to provide capture of PCBs by oposite sides. Slotted on both sides for use as and end or common center panel, these inserts are available in both Bentron conductive and Benstat static dissipative materials to fit a variety of Metro tote sizes.

SmartTray Cart System

Designed to maximize productivity by accelerating throughput, minimizing PCB handling damage and providing superior ESD protection.  The 18"x26" (457x660mm) footprint handles multiple-sized boards.

  • The ESD-safe SmartTray facilitates efficient tracking of work-in-process and finished goods with the use of bar code technology.
  • Supports lean manufacturing by offering color-coding accessories that clearly identify trays and carts.
  • Molded from Metrostat, a material offering premium ESD protection.
  • SmartTray fits all Metro tray cart systems as well as competitive bottom-loaded models and most tray based cart systems in today's marketplace.
Wire Tray Racks - End Load & Side Load

Economical solution for storage and transport of trays. End-load models provide a large tray landing area, side-load models are highly space efficient. Choice of 1 1/2" (38mm) or 3" (76mm) (20 pans) spacing. UPS shippable, quick, easy no-tool assembly, rolls easily on 5" (127mm) swivel casters. Durable Super Erecta Brite™ finish.

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