Benchside Tote Cart
Metro's Benchside Tote Cart allows technicians to position bins, totes, cartons, boxes, or work-in-process at a conducive working angle. Each unit comes with a 45 ° slanted top shelf, standard Super Erecta Shelf at bottom, four casters (two with brakes), aluminum split sleeves, and a grounding cable.
  • Accomodates miscellaneous totes, cartons, or other items.
  • Uses minimal amount of available floor space.
  • Offers easy mobility and holds cart stationary at desired location.
  • Provides for dissipation of electrostatic charges.
Kitting Carts
Metro Kitting Carts provide efficient handling of totes. PCB carriers, trays, or other miscellaneous material handling containers. Available in single, double, or triple bay configurations, Metro Kitting Carts come with 2-brake and 2-swivel casters in your choice of resiliant rubber or polyurethane tread.
ESD Classification: Non-Conductive (Units can be made conductive by utilizing GCB16S grounding bracket and ASK16S grounding cable.)
Shelving, Full Extension, Starsys

Open Starsys benefits: 

  • Adapts quickly to meet rapidly-changing requirements
  • Can be formatted into stationary storage stations as well as mobile transport systems to meet the exact needs of any facility
  • Use only the space required to store or transport desired materials
  • Provides safe and comfortable access to parts and materials
  • Increases storage capacity compared to standard shelving and carts
  • Protects contents
  • Provides configuration by need
  • Ships knocked down, saves shipping costs
Shelving, Reel

Metro's Super Erecta-based SMT Component Reel Shelving offers an efficient method of storage and transport for standard size component reels.  These Super Erecta Brite plated shelves can be mixed and matched with standard Super Erecta shelving, posts, and casters to create a reel handling and storage system to address the exact needs of PCB manufacturers.

ESD Classification:  Conductive with the use of conductive plastic split sleeves and SMESD conductive casters for mobile applications.

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