The C5 Hands-On Approach

We took the hands on approach in the development of the C5 line of thermal holding and transport cabinets. By working directly with operators we were able to design the best selection of hot and cold holding solutions for operators.

From the 9 Series' ability to hold product for extended periods of time without quality degradation, the exclusive cool-to-touch insulation Armour™ on the 3 Series, to the best in class foamed-in-place heavy-duty T-Series Transport Armour™ construction, Metro's goal was to solve the real world problems faced by our customers. The result is an offering that is sure to satisfy the needs of any operation, anywhere in the world.

The newest addition to the C5 line is R-Series with Refrigeration Armour™, a unique durable solution to hold, transport, and serve chilled food more efficiently.

Metro C5- See how good a heated cabinet can be™.

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Metro® C5™ T-Series

Transport Armour™

Designed for heavy duty over-the-road applications, keeps food hot and out of the danger zone for 5 hours or more. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation provides superior heat retention, energy efficiency, and extreme rigidity. Battery powered mobile power system gently circulates air to maintain consistent food temperatures, while unplugged and in transit.

Metro® C5™ 9 Series

Controlled Temperature & Humidity

Designed to maintain food quality for extended periods of time. Real time temperature and relative humidity levels are constantly displayed.

Metro® C5™ 8 Series

Controlled Temperature

Designed to precisely maintain food temperature. Intelligent temperature control takes the guesswork out of holding your food product. Precise control gives professional results.

Metro® C5™ 6 Series

Heated Holding

Designed for the rigors of every day use in the most demanding professional foodservice environments. Temperature controls and display are easy to use and understand. Perfect for mobile applications.

Metro® C5™ 3 Series

Insulation Armour™

Designed to protect you from the unpleasant effects of heat loss. Exclusive cool-to-touch Insulation Armour™ both insulates the cabinet, and protects employees from hot surfaces. Protection and control, in all the right configurations, make a difference you can see...and feel.

Metro® C5™ 1 Series

Non-Insulated Heated Holding & Proofing

Designed to deliver reliable performance in a tried and true design. 1 Series comes with the choice of combination holding and proofing, holding, or proofing control modules.

Metro® Banquet Cabinets

Plated Meal Holding

Designed with the end-user in mind and offer features that address all of your plated meal holding and transport needs. Control to serve meals hot and on time, every time.
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