Automated dispensing systems touchscreen monitor


Long-term care facilities are under constant pressure to improve accuracy and security while taking on more responsibility and providing more services to patients. The MedDispense automated dispensing system helps both consultant pharmacists and facility owners by providing a secure method for managing and organizing medications. In addition, Remote Authorization allows for easy handling of remote medication dispensing and is an efficient means to maximize time and profitability.

Why Metro?

  • A cost effective electronic e-kit
  • Configurable to maximize space and accommodate any facility
  • Remote Authorization for secure, 24/7 access
  • Satisfies government mandates and HL7 standards
  • Extended-service program available to elminate maintenance

The capabilities and features to improve security and remotely control medication dispensing.

Automated dispensing cabinets for long term care from Metro
Remote Authorization for long term care facilities

Simply Indispensible.

Easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, and even easier on your budget. Metro automated dispensing systems offer an alternative for managing controlled medications and improving accuracy without crippling profit margins. Our intuitive software and other great features contribute to rapid caregiver adoption. This allows all nurses, pharmacists, and management to work more efficiently.

Long-Term Care Automated Dispensing Benefits

    Designed to improve efficiency in the medication management process, MedDispense automated dispensing systems provide benefits to the consultant pharmacist and nursing staff.

Pharmacy automated dispensing systems for long-term carePharmacy Automated Dispensing Benefits:

  • Increases available medications on-site
  • Remote authorization ensures regulatory compliance for controlled substances 
    for controlled substances
  • Software allows remote reporting and inventory alerts

NursingNursing Automated Dispensing Benefits:

  • Most users can be fully trained in 10-15 minutes
  • Touchscreen interface is easy to understand
  • Improves patient care by reducing errors

Facility management automated dispensing systems for long-term careFacility Management Automated Dispensing Benefits:

  • Easy deployment with quick training
  • Facilities can administer meds securely and easily 24/7
  • 24/7 support for less downtime

IT automated dispensing systems for long-term careI.T. Automated Dispensing Benefits:

  • Software runs quickly and reliably
  • 24/7 support for less downtime
  • Software allows remote reporting and inventory alerts
  • .NET framework allows network deployment across
    facilities and locations
Linear Drawers
Automated dispensing linear drawers

With solid steel, linear drawers, the MedDispense automated dispensing system's linear setup offers secure storage capacity for up to six medications per drawer.

Easy To Use
Automated dispensing touchscreen monitors

A large, touchscreen monitor and intuitive software allow long-term care facilities to implement the security measures necessary without dedicated hours to learning a complicated medication dispensing system.

Supply Solutions
Automated dispensing supply and medication management

With various tower options and configurations, the automated dispensing system manages medications, supplies and other materials as needed.

Long-Term Care Narcotics Control
Automated dispensing narcotics control

Multiple secuirty options ensure the accurate control of inventory and narcotics. Fingerprint readers, and additional locking options are various features of the automated dispensing systems that improve control.

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