EMS medication management systems


Metro understands the challenges of meeting regulatory compliance requirements while allowing access to important medications or supplies as needed. The MedDispense automated dispensing system can be an indispensable substance management resource for EMS facilities, offering an affordable way to keep the required controlled medications and supplies available on-site and secure. MedDispense features easy-to-use software specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements that EMS staff can learn in minutes. This provides authorized users rapid access to the appropriate medications and supplies while tracking and documenting inventory throughout the process.

Compliance with DEA
regulations starts here.

EMS automated dispensing cabinets
Space and Flexibility.

Space is never abundant in an EMS facility. With various components and size options, the MedDispense automated dispensing system can be customized to optimize the available space without sacrificing features or capabilities. This flexibility enhances security, control and access in any facility. Another way Metro is Simply Indispensable.

Automated Dispensing for EMS Benefits:

    Metro automated dispensing for EMS facilities is designed to improve controlled substance inventory management and valuable supplies.

Controlled substance management for paramedics and EMTsEmergency Staff Automated Dispensing Benefits:

  • Secure, automated access to narcotics and supplies
  • Adherence to controlled substance policies
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software

Controlled substance management for facility managers and ownersManagement/Ownership Automated Dispensing Benefits:

  • Provides compliance with state and DEA regulations
  • Control narcotics and valuable inventories
  • User access and rights management
  • Inventory tracking and management capabilities
EMS Narcotics Control
Narcotics control cabinets for EMS

Multiple security options ensure the security of controlled inventory and narcotics. Fingerprint readers and additional locking options are just some of the features that improve controlled substance management.

Supply Solutions

Compact automated dispensing systems for EMS

The various tower options and configurations of the EMS management system allows for easy medication management. In addition, the system supplies other materials needed for EMS facilities.

Small Form Factor
Automated dispensing solutions for EMS

Maximize space with our smaller footprint options. These systems eliminate the need to create space for larger medication management systems while improving security.

Secure Metal Design
Secure metal automated dispensing systems for EMS

The solid metal construction of our automated dispensing sytems offers ultimate security with the ability to maintain durability and make the most of your investment.

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